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What Does Rust Do To My Car?


It’s tempting not to get those scratches, dents and dings fixed at a Lowell auto body shop and easy to make excuses about how much it costs or you don’t have time. Rust, however, has all the time in the world to eat through even the smallest sliver of exposed metal and make it bigger and bigger until it’s too late. Would you rather pay for a new car or a new paint job?


Most cars are made with metal, a recipe for disaster as far as rust goes. Rust is a chemical reaction requiring only an anode, cathode and electrolyte. The metal frame of your car acts as the anode and cathode and water is the electrolyte. Plain water causes rust but not as much as salt water. This is why if you live near the ocean or in an area where salt is spread on the roads during winter, your car is more susceptible to rust. It is important to get your car washed at least once a month, not forgetting the undercarriage and to opt for a rust proof coating. If you see bubbles under the paint, this is a bad sign, as it means there’s rust under the paint already.


A new paint job by a Lowell auto body shop can help stop that rust before it ruins your car. Not only will your car be safer, but it will look as good as new too.


If you have been putting off getting the rust fixed on your vehicle, call your Lowell auto body shop today—no more excuses. Rust will destroy your car easily and getting a new paint job is much less expensive than buying a brand new car.

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